Aquashield Roofing gets the job done right!

A good roofing contractor is prepared for any storm.  He has years of experience inspecting roofs and solving leaky roof problems.  A roofing contractor must be different from the average Joe construction worker or handyman.    There are many LLC or corporations that are formed each year to milk insurance companies in storm hit areas.   Most of these storm chasing companies have really no idea how even to lay the first shingle.  They have an aggressive marketing team promising to provide a free new roof replacement at the expense of the insurance companies.     After these companies make their millions in a few months they are gone.


Some homeowner has so many problems with these new roofs that they have to pay for them to be replaced again.   It blows my mind how you can start a roofing company and make thousands of dollars not having any knowledge of the installation process.   How do you know that they are being installed correctly?  It’s simple, they just do not care.   They want to make money and run.  You should always beware of these types of roofing companies.


There still are some good roofing contractors that are out there that are not only in business for the money.   They like to help homeowners in their local area solve problems with their roof.    These are respectable roofers that guarantee all of their work and performance.   It’s a matter of fact when these storm chasing companies leave the area the good roofing contractors are stuck with the problems that they leave behind.


Homeowners have gotten more leery about contractors over the years because of the many fly by night startups companies doing bad workmanship.    It’s always good to be smart before you buy into any sales pitch.   Check prior roofing projects and contact past customers of the contractor that you choose.   Check out any red flags that may rise.    Be confident and use a roofing contractor that you can trust. Avoid any costly mistakes and get to know your contractor. Have a 101 talk with him.  Also get every detail put in writing.